Innovative Therapy for Hope and Relief

Tennessee has ranked among one of the hardest-hit states dealing with the opioid epidemic and also has one of the higher suicide mortality rates in the country. With an overload of patients in both the mental health and chronic pain communities, Revitalist set out to provide innovative and comprehensive care to those suffering the most. 
The Revitalist method, unlike other outpatient singular traditional approaches, is modeled after the success of the collaborative dynamic of the hospital system. In doing so, Revitalist works to communicate and collaborate a treatment plan for each individual in the outpatient setting. Due to the importance of severity of condition in clients, Revitalist is structured to work in collaborative effort with all of the client’s providers from the initial intake throughout the treatment plan. Revitalist also prides itself on not prescribing any controlled substances for home use for any of their clients, while still achieving the highest levels of success in treatment outcomes.
Revitalist offers cutting-edge treatment plans and their focus always lies within the importance of community. 
our benefits

Patient Experience


Revitalist patients are given their treatments in a relaxed, spa-like environment to ensure maximum comfort.


Unlike more traditional antidepressants, ketamine infusion therapy can provide rapid relief, sometimes within hours.


Staff at Revitalist are well-trained in psychiatry and mental health counseling that will aid your healing process.


Followup resources utilized by Revitalist allow for increased communication with providers that can save you time and money.

Future-centric treatments

The Breakthrough
Treatments of Revitalist

IV Ketamine Infusions

What started out as a mild-mannered anesthetic is now a heroic service for mood disorders and chronic pain conditions.

Spravato - esketamine

Johnson & Johnson’s FDA-approved proprietary ketamine-based nasal spray, provided by Revitalist for treatment-resistant depression and suicidal ideations.


Holistic care and counseling is offered for persons experiencing life’s hardships, pain, and for those desiring to grow emotionally or spiritually.


Intensive outpatient programs offered by Revitalist address depression, eatings disorders, and dependencies and are covered by most insurance.


Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy allows for greater breakthroughs and deeper introspection thanks to ketamine’s dissociative properties.

Vitamin Infusions

Vitamin infusions provide optimization services for anxiety relief, migraine relief, GI recovery, muscle recovery, metabolism boosts, and more.

Medication Infusions

Revitalist will soon provide IgG and IgA infusions for immune health, iron infusions, and more for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, ALS, and more.

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

As more psychedelic drugs are accepted as treatment, it could pave the way for accelerated patient adoption since PAP clinics are drug-agnostic.


Revitalist will soon offer a telemedicine product that can connect mental health physicians and counselors with patients and other tools.