Psychedelic Community Reacts To FDA Committee’s Critique Of Lykos’ MDMA Studies Guest Column | June 14, 2024 As told to Abby Proch, executive editor of guest columns, Clinical Leader This past week, an FDA advisory committee voted 9-2 to reject the validity of therapy-assisted MDMA clinical trials conducted by Lykos Therapeutics for the treatment of […]

Revitalist and Wake Network Launch Psychedelic Retreats

Revitalist and Wake Network Launch Psychedelic Retreats for Practitioners and Clients Providing Immersive Therapies and Trainings The newly established retreats by Revitalist and Wake Network are designed to provide a holistic, clinical psychedelic experience. These programs are aimed at participants seeking treatment for mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, pain, addiction, and palliative care. June […]

Navigating Capital As A Woman: Kathryn Walker Of Revitalist

Lifestyle and Wellness On Top Strategies for Women Founders, CEOs and Leaders Seeking Institutional Investments. Build a Strong Team Investors look for a capable and resilient team. Highlighting the expertise and dedication of my team was crucial in securing funding. Despite making remarkable strides in the business world, women continue to face unique challenges when […]